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February 2004, Volume 9, Issue 6


Using the Stock Market for Relevance in Teaching Number Sense
Jacqueline Leonard; Louise Campbell
Lessons introduced to middle school children in the Washington, D.C. area on the stock market. Students kept eight weeks of records and learned about decimals and place value. Teachers will learn how these students learned number sense through the stock market unit and how to implement it in the classroom.

Engaging Students through Technology
A. Erbas; Sarah Ledford; Drew Polly; Chandra Orrill
Some ways that technology can be used to promote mathematical thinking and problem solving. Specifically  focusing on the use of technology for multiple representations. Examples are given of sample problems to use in the classroom to integrate technology.

Inverting a Triangular Array: Involving Students in Mathematical Inquiry
Arthur Baroody; Jesse Wilkins
Students develop problem-solving heuristics by exploring the "inverting-a-triangular-array problem".

Reasoning and Working Proportionally with Percent
Melanie Parker
A representation for percent that can help students deepen their understanding of the proportional nature of percent in its applications. Examples are provided for teachers to implement this activity in the classroom.

It's Friezing in Here: Tessellations through Art, Architecture, and Cultural Artifacts
Lynda Colgan
The integration of transformational geometry, mathematics, history, art, and cultural studies in a middle-grades mathematics classroom.