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February 2006, Volume 11, Issue 6


Creating Multiple Representations in Algebra: All Chocolate, No Change
Arthur Hyde, Katie George, Suzanne Mynard, Christina Hull, Sharon Watson, Patrick Watson
An approach to teaching linear equations using multiple representations in a highly motivating context. Connections among representations are made explicit to enhance understanding and empower students. Question examples and sample graphs and tables are included.

International Perspectives: Using Dialogue
Rachel New
Exploring students thinking regarding calculations of speed and distance and making logical arguments using a dialogue method. Student work samples and teacher prompts are included. Reprinted from the British journal Mathematics Teaching.

Focus of the Year: What Do We Know about Eighth-Grade Achievement?
Judith Sowder; Diana Wearne
The NAEP testing over the past decade shows gradual improvement of test scores at the eighth-grade level, contrary to what many say about stagnant scores. However, by 2000, only one-fourth of eighth graders performed at the proficient level. Includes sample questions from NAEP tests.