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February 2013, Volume 18, Issue 6


The Engineering Process in Construction and Design
Melissa A. Stoner, Kristin T. Stuby and Susan Szczepanski
By implementing high-impact activities, such as designing a school and a skate park, mathematical thinking can be linked to the engineering design process.

Robots Bring Math-Powered Ideas to Life
Kasi C. Allen
A compelling contest motivates students and makes mathematics and STEM relevant.
Second Look:
Focus Issue: Mathematics in a STEM Context

Model Eliciting Activities: A Home Run- FREE PREVIEW!
Marta T. Magiera
An aluminum bat activity supports goals of STEM learning by engaging students in resourceful problem solving.

Coordinate an Attack Using the Calculator- FREE PREVIEW!
Sharie R. Kranz, Carlo A, Amato, and Eric A. Freudenthal
Graphing tasks emphasize the necessity of learning the coordinate system.

Emerging Engineers Design a Paper Table
Mary C. Enderson and Melva R. Grant
The engineering design process challenges students to work together and communicate as they construct learning.

Additional Information for Emerging Engineers Design a Paper Table

Exploring Slope with Stairs and Steps
Toni M. Smith, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Nathalia Peixoto, Jennifer M. Suh, Graham Bagshaw, and Laurena K. Collins
These STEM-inspired activities elicit the intellectual need to learn about rate of change and slope.

Second Look - Focus Issue: Mathematics in a STEM Context

STEM: An Advocacy Position, Not a Content Area
More and more these days, in educational meetings, conferences, and policy arenas, the talk is that “it’s all about STEM.” STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and it has rapidly become a driving force in educational policy and funding decisions in the United States. Read more to learn about both the strengths and the problems with the current STEM discussions across our professional communities, as past president J. Michael Shaughnessy sees it.

TEAMS Enhances Critical STEM Learning
NCTM is collaborating with the Technology Student Association (TSA) to support TEAMS, Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science, an annual competition for middle and high school students designed to help them discover their potential for engineering.

Using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and 21st century learning skills, students work together to problem solve real-world engineering challenges and issues facing our global society. The TEAMS competitions are based on annual themes from the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges. The 2013 theme is “Engineering A Secure Cyberspace.”

Mathematics of Planet Earth
Dozens of scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and foundations all over the world have banded together to dedicate 2013 as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth. NCTM is proud to be one of those partners.

Included are resource collections for two themes. A Planet to Discover includes topics such as: oceans, meteorology and climate, mantle processes, natural resources, solar systems and a planet to a planet organized by humans. A Planet Organized by Humans includes focuses on: political, economic, social and financial systems, organization of transport and communications networks, management of resources, and energy.

MTMS April 2010 Focus Issue on Technology - Online Version

MTMS April 2010 Focus Issue on Technology - Back Issue available for purchase