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February 2014, Volume 19, Issue 6


Revisit Pattern Blocks to Develop Rational Number Sense- FREE PREVIEW!
Joe Champion and Ann Wheeler
A classic manipulative, used since the 1960s, continues to offer opportunities for intriguing problem solving involving proportions.

How Did the Answer Get Bigger?
Debra I. Johanning and James D. Mamer
Developing number and operation sense associated with fraction division is viewed from multiple perspectives: modeling, equivalence, and symbolism.

Technology Helps Students Transcend Part-Whole Concepts
Anderson Norton, Jesse L. M. Wilkins, Michael A. Evans, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Osman Balci, and Mido Chang
Explore a new app that allows students to develop a more sophisticated understanding of fractions.

Systematic Interventions for Teaching Ratios
Amy E. Hunter, Sarah B. Bush, and Karen Karp
Consider this research-based intervention approach to ratio using concrete, semiconcrete, and abstract representations to help students who struggle with this concept.

Sharing Cookies: A Case Study
Jenny Salls
Gain insight into students’ understanding of the concept of fraction as operator as well as their reliance on rote procedures to convert fractions to decimals.

Mixing Strategies to Compare Fractions
Jennifer M. Tobias
When students have many tools, including context and common numerators, they develop mathematical proficiency.