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March 1999, Volume 4, Issue 6


By Way of Introduction: Data and Chance
Christina Pateracki
In this issue you will find articles that capture students' interest and present hands-on techniques for teaching important statistical concepts. Laboratory experiences in which students gain firsthand knowledge of probability and data analysis are also featured.

Mathematical Connections from Biology: Killer Bees Come to Life in the Classroom
William L. Rubink and Sylvia R. Taube
A field-tested interdisciplinary-unit activity that involves collecting data about honeybees. Middle school students will gain hands-on experiences with collecting, transforming, and analyzing data by using the techniques employed by entomologists, the scientists who study insects.

Exploring Probability through an Evens-Odds Dice Game
Lynda R. Wiest and Robert J. Quinn
A dice game used by students as a basis for exploring mathematical probabilities and decision making.

Putting Math in Motion with Calculator-Based Labs
Helen M. Doerr, Cathieann Rieff, and Jason Tabor
A calculator-based lab allows students to bring graphs to life by turning their own motion into a graph that can be analyzed, investigated, and most important, interpreted in terms of how they actually moved.

Reflecting on Students' Understanding of Data
Kay McClain
Data analysis, graphs, and the role of representative values. Also, the importance of teachers' supporting students' development of conceptual understandings of multiple forms of data representation and representative values in the context of ongoing data analysis.

Means and MADs
Gary D. Kader
Included activity builds a framework for developing students' understanding of the notion of variation from the mean. The activity is a modification and an extension of one described by Friel, Mokros, and Russell (1992).

Sticks to the Roof of Your Mouth?
Susan N. Friel and William T. O'Connor
An investigation focuses on comparing data sets by using data about thirty-seven brands of peanut butter and their quality ratings. Data set is included.

Capture and Recapture Your Students' Interest in Statistics
June G. Morita
Included activity boosts student confidence by seeing they have already masterd the mathematics behind an estimation technique used by scientists.