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March 2004, Volume 9, Issue 7


The Beauty of Geometry
Barbara Morris
A geometry project that used the beauty of stained-glass-window designs to teach middle school students about geometric figures and concepts. Three honors prealgebra teachers and a middle school mathematics gifted intervention specialist created a geometry project that covered the curriculum and also assessed students' knowledge. By reading this article, teachers will learn about the project and how to implement it in a mathematics classroom.

Developing Ratio Concepts: An Asian Perspective
Jane-Jane Lo; Tad Watanabe; Jinfa Cai
The initial development of ratio concepts in textbooks from China, Japan, and Taiwan. Teachers will learn about how concepts are introduced in other cultures and how to bring that into American mathematics classrooms.

Mathematical Modeling: Convoying Merchant Ships
Susann Mathews
A mathematical model that connects mathematics with social studies. Students use mathematics to model independent versus convoyed ship deployments and ships sunk to determine if the British should convoy their merchant ships during World War I. Teachers will learn about the activity, as well as how to integrate math and social studies in the classroom.

Transformations and Technology: What Path to Follow?
Brad Glass
A technology-based approach for dealing with a misconception that some students hold concerning the equivalency of geometric transformations. Students can begin to conceptualize transformations in terms of the relationship between preimage and image figures rather than focus on the motion of a figure. Teachers will learn how to use technology to implement this activity in the mathematics classroom.


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