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March 2005, Volume 10, Issue 7


Geometric Probability and the Areas of Leaves
Karen Bush Hoiberg, Janet Sharp, Ted Hodgson, Jim Colbert
This article from NCTM's 2003 Yearbook Learning and Teaching Measurement discusses various literary works containing measurement topics.

Mailing a Publication: Exploring Linear and Step Functions in a Real-World Context
Esther Billings, Melanie Schultz McClure
How the context of mailing a package was used with seventh-grade students to explore and connect the different representations of step and linear functions. Students will learn geometry concepts and algebra concepts through this hands-on, real world application.

The Sum of Cubes: An Activity for Review and Conjecture
Murray Siegel
Teachers share various student solution approaches from a "Food for Thought from Jay's Diner" problem.

A Problem-Solving Alternative to Using Key Words
Lisa Clement, Jamal Bernhard
The pitfalls of using key words to support students when problem solving, and an alternative way (quantitative analysis) to support students' sense-making. Research from this article will show teachers how to use quantitative analysis to help guide problem solving in the classroom.