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March 2006, Volume 11, Issue 7


Discovering Euler Circuits and Paths through a Culturally Relevant Lesson
Rebecca Robichaux, Paulette Rodrigue
A middle school DISCRETE MATHEMATICS lesson that uses the context of catching crawfish to provide students with a hands-on experience related to Euler circuits and paths. The lesson promotes mathematical communication through the use of cooperative learning as well as connections between mathematics and the real world through the use of this context and discussions of other similar contexts. Sample questions and answers for worksheets are included.

Developing Algebraic Thinking: An Academy Model for Professional Development
Belinda Langham, Sue Sundberg, Terry Goodman
A professional development model in which middle-grades teachers focused on algebraic thinking as part of their participation in a mathematics academy. Includes descriptions of some lessons.

One, Some, or None: Finding Beauty in Ambiguity
Robert Berkman
An activity where children develop reasoning skills by using mathematical clues to decide whether there is one, more than one, or no solutions to a problem. Example "clues" for several grade levels and topics are included.

March Math Madness: The Mathematics of the NCAA Basketball Tournament
Mark Colgan
The mathematics involved in the NCAA basketball tournament including data analysis, basic probability, expected value, and the multiplication principle. A fun activity is presented that applies these concepts and involves students shooting Ping-Pong balls to discover a best strategy. Sample charts and questions are included, as well as extension questions.

Algebraic Thinking and Geometry
Laura Grandau, Ana Stephens
How two middle school teachers incorporated algebraic thinking into their textbook-based geometry lessons. One teacher embedded algebraic concepts within an existing textbook lesson while the other teacher elicited algebraic thinking by extending a textbook lesson. Lesson descriptions are included.


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