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March 2007, Volume 12, Issue 7


The Algebra of the Arches
Margaret Buerman
Functions developed from surroundings; finding examples in the environment that can be modeled by linear and non-linear functions. Includes sample functions of scenic views from Arches National Park, Utah and student work showing a function and its graph.

The Future of Fractions
Zalman Usiskin
The importance and future of fractions. Includes examples where representing a number as a fraction is more useful than a decimal.

Article is reprinted from Arithmetic Teacher, 1979, as part of the 100 celebration.

Some Thoughts about Fractions
Zalman Usiskin
Another look at fractions 28 years after writing the article "The Future of Fractions" for Arithmetic Teacher 1978. Article discusses the amount of competence with fractions a student needs if algebra is to be for all students. Included is a suggested list of competencies a student needs to be successful in algebra.

Probability Games from Diverse Cultures
Leah McCoy; Stefanie Buckner; Jessica Munley
Probability games from diverse cultures. Article discusses the history and probability concept for each game. Includes teacher-ready materials.

A Mathematical Private Eye
Ji-Eun Lee; Kyoung-Tae Kim
An instructional idea where students determine an individual's secret personal information using generalized algebraic thinking. Article discusses going from specific numerical calculation to generalized algebraic patterns of solutions. Includes sample problems with solutions.