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March 2009, Volume 14, Issue 7


Giant Pencils: Developing Proportional Reasoning
S. Megan Che
A mathematically rich problem about giant pencils, which encourages students to reason proportionally.

Talking and Writing in the Classroom
Susan Fello, Kelli Paquette
This article demonstrates the significant benefits of integrating talking and writing in middle school mathematics classrooms.

Patterns with Checkers
Kathy Lewis
Mathematical ideas connected with a familiar game often used by middle school teachers.

Trusting Students
Signe Kastberg, Anderson NortonIII, Jacob Klerlein
An account of the importance and role of trust in motivating teachers to understand students and develop instructional approaches. Three examples of student actions, teacher learning, and instructional change that resulted from understanding students goals are examples and as well as guidelines for teacher reflection.