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March 2010, Volume 15, Issue 7


Shrinking Your Class
Farren Herron-Thorpe, Jo Olson, Denny Davis
Engineering principles and fun materials provide a context to help students develop their understanding of fractions, measurement, and scale factors

The Value of Guess and Check
Shannon M. Guerrero
Providing students a structure for employing the guess-and-check method for solving word problems leads to an understanding of quantitative relationships and builds a bridge to algebra.

Bridging the Math Gap
J. Matt Switzer
Knowing both the content and manner in which students learn math in elementary school can help teachers bridge the gap between elementary school and middle school (and then high school) math.

Assessing Understanding through Reasoning Books
Sally Roberts, Carla Tayeh
My Mathematical Reasoning Book  can help students communicate their thought processes to a larger audience. To work effectively, a plan of action requires focused and deliberate instruction. Additional problems are appended online.