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March 2011, Volume 16, Issue 7


What If We Lived in Flatland?
Rick Anderson and Jamie A. Princko
Students traverse new mathematical territory as they imagine life in a two-dimensional universe.

All These Rays! What’s the Point?
Sally K. Roberts and Carla Tayeh
Teacher candidates move beyond “Just give me a formula” to a deeper understanding by exploring the algebra found in geometric models.

The Truth about PEDMAS
Jerry A. Ameis
A hierarchy-of-operators triangle shapes conceptual understanding of the order of operations.

Taiwanese Arithmetic and Algebra
Jane-Jane Lo and Feng-Chiu Tsai
Developing problem solving and reasoning, deepening number and symbol sense, and promoting arithmetic and algebraic connections are tenets of Taiwan’s Basic Competency Test.

Making Sense of Decimal Multiplication
Margaret M. Rathouz
To build student confidence, relate decimals to whole-number operations, geometry, and measurement.