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March 2014, Volume 19, Issue 7


Problem Solve with Presidential Data
Lynn G. Patterson and Kadie L. Patterson
An engaging activity analyzing the average age of U.S. presidents not only integrates history and mathematics but also examines measures of central tendency and its appropriate uses.

Table of Data (PDF)

Learning What Works: Promoting Small-Group Discussions- FREE PREVIEW!
Anna F. DeJarnette, Jennifer N. Dao, and Gloriana González
Elicit productive discourse from students as they work through a bicycle rate problem.

Decimal Fractions: An Important Point
Sherri L. Martinie
Teachers who are skilled at recognizing students’ misconceptions about decimals are better equipped to make instructional decisions that build on these ideas.

Connecting the “Missing Words” to the Common Core
Jane M. Wilburne and Ashley Kulbacki
A sixth-grade teacher’s word task uncovers higher-level thinking and engages her students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice.