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April 1999, Volume 4, Issue 7


The Decorative Ornamental Ironwork of New Orleans: Connections to Geometry and Haiti
Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy
The included investigation guides students in detecting vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry as well as rotational symmetry in the decorative designs of wrought-iron doors. Three activities included.

Juniper Green
L. Lynn Stallings and Patricia L. Bullock
By playing Juniper Green, students strengthen their number sense by using mental mathematics to find and check factors of numbers up to 100 and multiples up to 100. Figuring out an optimal strategy for playing introduces students to some interesting ideas about numbers.

Assessment: So Math Isn't Just Answers
Kari Brown-Herbst
As part of a project, the author studied performance assessments—what they were and how to administer and score them. Includes a scoring guide, criteria, and sample assessment item.

International Perspectives: Cat and Mouse
Brian Lannen
The name of the game is "Cat and Mouse", and it was published in AAMT's (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers) Maths Week 1993 publication, Take a Chance on Maths (Watson and Reeves 1993).

Homogeneous Groups Develop Thoughtful Mathematics
Sylvia A. Bulgar and Lynn D. Tarlow
The results from the third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) are discussed. In particular, the article speculates that how students in Singapore study mathematics should provide useful information to mathematics educators on how to improve the performance of students in the United States.