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April 2001, Volume 6, Issue 8


From Polygons to Poetry
Vena M. Long
A lesson in which a chambered nautilus connects geometry and poetry. The lesson is easily adapted to a wide range of levels.

A Personal Journey: Integrating Mathematics and Service Learning
Barbara D. O'Donnell
One teacher's approach; creating a class business as the context for learning mathematics, with proceeds going to community projects.

Developing Number Sense on the Number Line
Jennifer M. Bay
The uses of a life-sized number line which helps students visualize number relationships.

Circles and the Number Pi
Margaret W. Tent
How students develop a conceptual understanding of the formulas of the circumference and area of a circle by exploring the number pi. Several activities are suggested.

Riddles, Puzzles, and Paradoxes: Having Fun with Serious Mathematics
Lisa J. Evered
Riddles, puzzles, and paradoxes, and their uses to engage students in rich mathematical explorations and logical reasoning.

How Big is Your Foot?
Suzanne Levin Weinberg
An activity in which students develop personal units of measurement to compare standard and nonstandard measurements. An activity sheet is included.

Challenge Problems: Love Them, or Hate Them, but Learn from Them
Mary J. DeYoung
How "challenge problems" help students become better problem solvers and encourage them to practice the art of clear written communication. Problems and a scoring rubric are included.