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April 2002, Volume 7, Issue 8


Building Explicit and Recursive Forms of Patterns with the Function Game
Rheta N. Rubenstein
Article describes how students can be guided to find an explicit rule for a pattern from a recursive rule. Activity is provided with examples.

Looking Silly to Make Sense: A Number Patterning Activity
Catherine M. Castellan
How the human body can be used to make sense of various number patterns and relationships.

Investigating Limits in Number Patterns
Darin Beigie
An activity using spreadsheets and programmable calculators to investigate limiting behavior in number patterns.

X-tending the Fibonacci Sequence
Glenn T. Moran
Article outlines a lesson on the Fibonacci and Lucas sequences, giving opportunity for computation practice, mental mathematics, and proof; for algebra students, the article discusses an extension for solving simultaneous equations.

Divisibility Tests: So Right for Discoveries
Albert B. Bennett Jr. and L. Ted Nelson
Using base-ten pieces to illustrate divisibility tests with single-digit divisors. Several visual aids are provided.

Coining Some Mathematics: The 50 State Quarters Program

Since 1999, the U.S. Mint has been giving pocket change a new look, with the advent of its 50 State Quarters program. Those new shiny quarters can also be taken into the classroom in the form of lesson plans.

Understanding Multiplication as One Operation
Diane Azim
Two teaching methods and two student-created methods for conceptualizing multiplication with rational numbers.