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April 2009, Volume 14, Issue 8


Traveling from Arithmetic to Algebra
Joy Darley
A conceptual knowledge of numbers, especially fractions, is an important link to a conceptual understandig of variables. This article suggests activities that explicitly show the connections between numbers and variables using the number line as the connecting device.

Representations from the Real World
Tom Santulli
These problems and activities have been used to demonstrate the uses of multiple representations as well as provide opportunities for students to practice using multiple representations in solving problems.

The Money Context
Michal Tabach, Alex Friedlander
An activity taken from a beginning algebra course is used to promote students’ learning of procedures by a conceptual approach.

Patterns, Quantities, and Linear Functions
Amy Ellis
Two groups of middle school students and their ideas about linear functions after working with either patterns in number tables or real-world quantities.

Burning the Candle at Just One End
Kien Lim
In learning proportions, students must understand what makes a situation proportional. The use of nonproportional situations allows students to analyze the problem situation, determine the manner in which quantities co-vary, and indentify the relationship that is invariant.