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April 2011, Volume 16, Issue 8


Addressing Cultural Bias - Reflect and Discuss
Jane M. Wilburne, Barbara A. Marinak and Martha J. Strickland

A variety of approaches and strategies can help immigrant and English language learners understand and solve mathematical word problems.

more4u-MTMS-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2012 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana
Et Tu, Mathematics? Examining Cultural Assumptions in Mathematics Materials
Presenter: Anita Bright

Problem Solving around the Corner
Michael Maida and Paula Maida
A one-hour investment in game playing produces improvements in geometric reasoning and problem solving.

Integer Operations Using a Whiteboard
Delise R. Andrews
Integrating interactive whiteboard technology in a unit on adding and subtracting integers enhances student engagement and understanding.

Multiple Ways to Solve Proportions
Leslie K. Ercole, Marny Frantz and George Ashline
Explore both intuitive approaches and standard algorithms to solve proportional reasoning problems.

Reasoning with Real-World Data
Lynda R. Wiest, Frank O. Amankonah and Troy A. Thomas
Entertain the use of popular songs and movies as data-analysis lessons to promote quantitative literacy.