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April 2014, Volume 19, Issue 8


Driving Students to Performance Assessments: Learning What Students Can Do
Elizabeth T. Walker and Jeffrey S. Molisani
Multiple entry points on the road to assessing students can tell teachers if students can do math and therefore apply math to real-world problems.

Gliding through Time toward Equitable Mathematics- FREE PREVIEW!
Kenneth A. Whaley
Students develop skills as twenty-first century learners and researchers by using Timeglider™ to explore famous mathematicians in a culturally responsive manner.

Fractions Are Numbers, Too!
Francis (Skip) Fennell, Beth McCord Kobett, and Jonathan A. Wray
Student understanding of fractions as numbers, a foundational element of fraction sense and a critical prerequisite of work with operations, is explored through real-world connections.

Advice for Mathematical Argumentation
Jennifer Knudsen, Teresa Lara-Meloy, Harriette Stallworth Stevens, and Daisy Wise Rutstein
“Telling” can be an effective tool in helping students engage in intellectually demanding argumentation and productive behavior.