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May 1999, Volume 4, Issue 8


Much of What I Needed to Know I Learned by Teaching Mathematics
C. Patrick Collier
The author shares his ideas about how to learn, how to solve problems, and how to deal with frustration while teaching mathematics.

From The Giver to The Twenty-One Balloons: Explorations with Probability
Ann Lawrence
Blending connections to literature with intriguing yet accessible problems and opportunities for cooperative learning and writing can increase both the interest and confidence of middle school students in dealing with probability.

Assessing Open-Ended Problems
Kathleen D. Conway
The method proposed here defines and describes the use of the measures of fluency, flexibility, and originality to assess students' responses to open-ended problems.

Making Sure That Your Mathematics Curriculum Meets Standards
Gerald Kulm
How to determine to what extent mathematics standards are addressed in curriculum materials and discusses some important characteristics of new as well as traditional mathematics materials. The analysis procedure is applied to a state textbook-adoption process.

Sharing Reflections on Teaching
Melissa M. Lernhardt and Lisa Clement
Article shares a reflecting process and what was learned by participating teachers.