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May 2000, Volume 5, Issue 9


Teaching Algebra in the Middle Grades Using Mathmagic
Hari P. Koirala; Phillip M. Goodwin
Mathematical guessing games intrigue students, stimulating their curiosity and problem-solving abilities.

Counting Attribute Blocks: Constructing Meaning for the Multiplication Principle
Elliott Bird
Attribute blocks help middle school students understand one of mathematics "big ideas", the fundamental counting principle, thus laying a good foundation for future studies in probability. Lesson plan included.

Writing a PEMDAS Story
Vadim Golembo
Use a creative writing task to assess students' understanding of the order of operations. Activity sheets included.

Using Concept Maps to Link Mathematical Ideas
Arthur J. Baroody; Bobbye H. Bartels
Students can organize their thinking about mathematics by constructing concept maps. Activities are included along with sample student work.