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May 2002, Volume 7, Issue 9


Helping Students Make Sense of Algebraic Expressions: The Candy Shop
Diana Underwood Gregg and Erna Yackel
Article describes a sequence of activities designed to help middle school students develop a conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction of algebraic expression.

Integrated Instruction: Is it Science? Is it Mathematics?
Jeffrey A. Frykholm
Article explores issues related to the integration of mathematics and science.  Curriculum examples are shared to illustrate implications for classroom instruction.

Writing Samples to Understand Mathematical Thinking
Dianne S. Goldsby and Barbara Cozza
Student writing samples that demonstrate their methods and reasoning during problem solving activities.  The teacher's comments address her use of these writings to adapt classroom instruction and curriculum.

Challenges in Implementing Strategies for Gender-Aware Teaching
Melissa C. Gilbert and Lucia Albino Gilbert
Several challenges middle school mathematics teachers may face as they apply the NCTM Equity Principle to their classrooms.