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May 2004, Volume 9, Issue 9


The Arithmetick of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
William Jamski
Some of the mathematical issues faced by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with questions to be answered by students. Mathematics, Social Studies, and other subject areas are integrated, and solutions are provided to the questions asked.

Balloons on the Rise: A Problem-Solving Introduction to Integers
Charles Reeves; Darcy Webb
Using helium balloons to introduce students to integers and integer arithmetic.

Using Algebra without Realizing It
Paula Maida
How teachers can use three algebra problems involving systems of equations to have students model and solve with manipulative materials or pictorial representation. Student work is shown, and then the solutions are compared with standard solutions using algebraic symbols.

Coining Some Mathematics: The 50 State Quarters Program

The 50 State Quarters Program and lesson plans that have been developed by the U.S. Mint for use in the classroom. Directions are given to teachers as to how to obtain and use these lesson plans in the mathematics classroom.

TI-73 Calculator Activities
Carol Phillips-Bey
TI-73 calculator activities appropriate for middle school students. It was found that the use of the calculator allowed for higher-level thinking and a richer exploration of mathematical ideas by students. Different examples of how to use the calculator to improve student learning are included, as well as student activity sheets.

Measurement in the Middle Grades: Insights from NAEP and TIMSS
Tony Thompson; Ronald Preston
Summarizing results from NAEP and TIMSS that show measurement education to be a major weakness in the United States, particularly for minority students. Strategies on how to improve measurement education in the middle grades are discussed.

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Classified Index, Volume 9, September 2003–May 2004