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May 2005, Volume 10, Issue 9


Angles, Time, and Proportion
David Pagni
An investigation making connections between the time on an analog clock and the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand. It was posed by a middle school mathematics teacher.

Weigh to Go! Exploring Mathematical Language
Thomasenia Adams, Fiona Thangata, Cindy King
The dynamics of language in the context of mathematics. The interaction of everyday words and specialized mathematics vocabulary impacts students' development of mathematical understanding. Specific suggestions are given, and examples including the concept attainment model of the word "chord".

Learning Measurement through Practice
Valerie Pumala, Daric Klabunde
A team-taught, activity-based format to teach students about measurement. Alternative assessment plays a crucial role in providing feedback to students throughout the unit. Student work provided. Skills, behavior expectations, and outcomes sheet is provided.

Children's Literature: A Motivating Context to Explore Functions
Esther Billings, Charlene Beckmann
How a team of teachers have used children's picture books to explore linear and exponential functions with prospective teachers and middle-grades students. Titles of books and activities are provided.

Questioning Our Patterns of Questioning
Beth Herbal-Eisenmann, M. Breyfogle
Different ways that teachers and students interact in mathematics classrooms and the implications of those interactions for students' opportunities to share their thinking. Examples of teacher questions and student responses is provided.

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