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May 2007, Volume 12, Issue 9


Measurement and Fair-Sharing Models for Dividing Fractions
Jeff Gregg, Diana Gregg
Construction of two algorithms for dividing fractions, the common-denominator algorithm and the invert-and-multiply algorithm. The rationale behind each algorithm is related to the measurement or fair-sharing interpretations of division. Examples and sample problems are included.

Mathematics, Art, Research, Collaboration, and Storytelling: The High M.A.R.C.S. Project
Edel Reilly, Gian Pagnucci
Article discusses a curriculum integration project. The High M.A.R.C.S. Project linked Mathematics, Art, Research, Collaboration, and Storytelling. Includes samples of student work from the project, and discusses how the student work was evaluated.

Anticipating Student Responses to Improve Problem Solving
Ann Wallace
How problem solving can be enhanced through careful planning and problem presentation. Article discusses the value of anticipating student responses and provides helpful prompts to further the problem-solving process. Includes student work samples.

Be Resolute about Absolute Value
Margaret Kidd
Conceptualization of absolute value. Article discusses reasons for absolute value being a distance from 0. Includes number line representations of absolute value.

Emotion and Thought
Robert Davis
The role of emotions in mathematics teaching and learning. Includes discussion regarding the teacher being alert to the needs and attitudes of students and the teacher's ability to respond to students' needs and modify students' attitudes. Article is reprinted from Mathematics Teacher, in honor of the 100th anniversary.

Building an Online Discussion Group for Teachers
Randall Groth, Jennifer Bergner
The formation of a pedagogy-focused online discussion group for middle school mathematics teachers. Article discusses a six-lesson plan for those seeking to establish a similar discussion group among their colleagues.

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