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May 2008, Volume 13, Issue 9


Teaching and Learning Mathematics through Hurricane Tracking
Maria Fernandez, Robert Schoen
Hurricane-based mathematics tasks involving cooperative learning that were found to help students enhance their understanding of patterns, graphs, and rates of change. The tasks created for this activity have been used by both middle and high school teachers and students. Interdisciplinary themes are prominent as students need a working knowledge of longitude and latitude. Activity sheets, answers, and student work included.

The Importance of Equal Sign Understanding in the Middle Grades
Eric Knuth, Martha Alibali, Shanta Hattikudur, Nicole McNeil, Ana Stephens
Describes middle school students' understanding of the equal sign and the relationship between their understanding and performance when solving algebraic equations. Students are given prompts about the meaning and how they understand the equal sign; these results are highlighted. Improving students' understanding of the equal sign and their preparation for algebra may require changes in instructional practices and middle school mathematics curricula.

Exploring Segment Lengths on the Geoboard
Mark Ellis, David Pagni
This investigation requires students to make connections to the Pythagorean theorem, congruence, and combinations by exploring segment lengths on a geoboard. Its use of visual representation and a range of mathematical ideas makes this task accessible to learners with varied levels of prior knowledge. In this activity, the use of multiple representations allows for greater access to mathematical ideas. Activity sheet and student samples included.

Thanks from the Editorial Panel - May 2008

The success of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School is very much dependent on the volunteer efforts of many mathematics educators. This article recognizes those contributors.

What Do Students Need to Learn about Division of Fractions?
Yeping Li
The various ways fractions are divided and why students need to learn about fractions through dividing them. Some Chinese perspectives may be insightful to problem-solving and working flexibly with fractions; Chinese students are expected to learn more than just the computational rule for fraction division. Several problems are presented.

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