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May 2009, Volume 14, Issue 9


Ramping Up on Fractions
Ana Stephens, Brian Bottge, Enrique Rueda
This article describes a technology-based and hands-on instructional intervention designed to advance middle school students’ understandings of fractions.

What Can We Do with a Common Numerator?
Christopher Danielson
Using the structure of a metacognitive journal, this article describes the author’s discovery of an unusual method for adding fractions after carefully considering a student’s response.

Problem Solving and the English Language Learner
Clara Brown, Jo Cady, P. Mark Taylor

Techniques that can be used to enhance mathematics instruction for English language learners.

more4u-MTMS-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California
Effective Strategies for Connecting Mathematics and Language for English Learners
Presenter: Harold Asturias

Promoting Efficient Strategy Use
Brian Townsend, John Lannin, David Barker
Various factors that affect student strategy use with algebra. Suggestions for using knowledge of these factors to promote the development of multiple strategies and strategic competence in the classroom are provided.

Orchestrating Discussions
Margaret S. Smith, Elizabeth K. Hughes, Randi A. Engle, Mary Kay Stein
Proposing a model for effectively using student responses in whole-class discussions. It has the potential to make teaching with high-level tasks more manageable for teachers and increase the likelihood that the demands of high-level tasks will be maintained during instruction.

MTMS Volume 14, August 2008-May 2009

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