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May 2011, Volume 16, Issue 9


Lesson Study on the Farm
Robert M. Klein and Katie A. Hendrickson
Stacking bales of hay in a barn provides the context for a team of teachers to develop a rich lesson involving geometric solids.

Extension problems

Proportional Reasoning with a Pyramid
Ami Mamolo, Margaret Sinclair, and Walter J. Whiteley
A three-dimensional model and geometry software can help develop students’ spatial reasoning and visualization skills.

Geometer's Sketchpad® instructions

Tailoring Tasks to Meet Students’ Needs
Amy Roth McDuffie, Kay A. Wohlhuter, and M. Lynn Breyfogle
Reflect and Discuss
Thread small changes seamlessly into high-level reasoning tasks to reach all students.

Integrate Technology with Student Success
Drew Wolf, Patrick Lindeman, Trent Wolf, and Robert Dunnerstick
As teaching methods and teaching tools evolve, so too should the way we use technology in the classroom.

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Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School • Vol. 16