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May 2013, Volume 18, Issue 9


Strip Diagrams: Illuminating Proportions
Jessica S. Cohen
A running program, among others, can help students model proportional thinking.

Leading Classroom Discussions
Gloriana González and Anna F. DeJarnette
Students develop ownership and increase their understanding of mathematics when they are allowed to discuss alternative perspectives.

Conceptualizing Mathematics Using Narratives and Art- FREE PREVIEW!
Terri L. Kurz and Barbara Bartholomew
To support mathematical investigations, use this framework to guide students in constructing art-based and technology-based literature.

Works of Art

A New Vision for Professional Development
Peter M. Eley, Kelly J. Charles, and Latonya L. Leeks
Classroom observation presents evidence that using meaningful data and exciting presentations can help strengthen student interest in STEM fields.

Classified Index, Volume 18, August 2012—May 2013- FREE PREVIEW!
Online only
The 2012—2013 index, containing both an author and subject category.