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May 2014, Volume 19, Issue 9


Establishing Standards for Mathematical Practice
Michelle L. Stephan
A grocery shopping problem can link the Common Core’s standards with a new classroom culture.

Reveal Limitations through Fraction Division Problem Posing- FREE PREVIEW!
Janet Sharp and Rachael M. Welder
Students notoriously struggle with division of fractions in 5 key areas. Hear what those 5 areas are and how recommendations address the limitations.

Students with Learning Disabilities Tackle Multistep Problems
Casey Hord and Samantha Marita
Support math conversations and teach students to approach various problem-solving tasks by encouraging the use of tables.

Deciphering Multiplication Algorithms with the Area Model
Ji-Eun Lee
Prospective teachers explore Egyptian multiplication and Russian peasant multiplication to address the quantitative and qualitative relationships underlying these algorithms.

Classified Index, Volume 19- FREE PREVIEW!
Online only
The index for volume 19 of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School spans August 2013 to May 2014.