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August 2004, Volume 10, Issue 1


Lines by the Book
Robert Mann
A hands-on activity that incorporates measuring skills and Process Standards while investigating a linear function that is easily generated in any classroom.

You Are Cleared to Land
Rick Billstein
This article, which originally appeared in the May 1998 issue of MTMS, explores the runway numbering system. Detailed artwork illustrates the numbering system and how pilots know which runway to land on. Teachers will learn how to use airport maps and information about runways to teach students about angle measure using an angle ruler or protractor.

Turning Origami into the Language of Mathematics
Beth Cipoletti; Nancy Wilson
This article addresses geometric communication by connecting origami activities with embedded geometric language, concepts, and relationships. Teachers will learn how to adapt regular origami directions to more mathematically-relevant language to elicit mathematical communication.

Express Yourself with Algebra? This Game Delivers!
Bryan Moseley
This article describes a mathematical communication game that was used by the author to facilitate middle school students' understanding of algebraic expressions.

A Sense-Making Approach to Word Problems
Clara Nosegbe-Okoka
This study describes a conceptual teaching approach that helps students make connections between their everyday activities and mathematical word problems. It includes a brief review of the importance of teaching for understanding and describes four principles of conceptual teaching.

Cracking the Code
Paul Marshall; Laszlo Varro
The use of statistics by a group of sixth-grade students to decipher a coded textual message.