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August 2005, Volume 11, Issue 1


Introduction to Volume 11: A Second Decade of Mathematics
Joe Zilliox for the MTMS Editorial Panel
What to expect in Volume 11 of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

Walking through Space: A New Approach for Teaching Functions
Mindy Kalchman
Students using the context of a walk-a-thon for learning about linear and nonlinear functions. Article discusses engaging students in appropriate activities and instruction to develop and combine numerical and spatial understanding of functions. Includes walk-a-thon bridging activity.

Incorporating Spatial Ability Instruction in Teacher Preparation
Sue Sundberg, Terry Goodman
A learning environment for the preservice mathematics teacher. Article discusses how development of spatial abilities can be incorporated into courses for these students. Includes lesson plans and activity sheets with answers.

Using Schemas to Develop Algebraic Thinking
Diana Steele
Ways in which students develop schemas as they generalize and formalize patterns when solving related algebraic problems. Article discusses teaching experiment emphasizing pattern generalization to understand the relationship between variables in algebraic problems. Includes examples of student work that lead to problem solving schema for solving algebraic problems.