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August 2010, Volume 16, Issue 1


Wake Up, Because Math Matters
Jeanny Gilpin
Read one teacher’s story about building a Math Matters club, and why her students arrived at school before first bell to participate enthusiastically.

Digesting Student-Authored Story Problems
Cathleen M. Alexander and Rebecca C. Ambrose
When students are asked to write original story problems about fractional amounts, it can illustrate their misunderstandings about fractions. Think about the situations your students would describe to model 1/2 + 2/3.

Fractions: A New Slant on Slope
Ivan Cheng
By using lines to represent fractions, algebra students are able to gain a new perspective on slope and find a new way to perform operations on fractions.

One Teacher’s Story
Anne M. Collins
Follow the journey of a teacher who changed his practice to meet the needs of all students while maintaining high expectations for all.

Drawing a Regression Line between Spaghetti and Basketball
S. Ash Azgün-Koca and Thomas G. Edwards
Students make a slam dunk, first with spaghetti and a scatter plot, then with a graphing calculator.

Graphing Calculator Instructions