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August 2013, Volume 19, Issue 1


Bird Boxes Build Content Area Knowledge
Sherri Ann Cianca
Communicating reasoning and constructing models fold nicely into a geometry activity involving the building of nesting boxes.

Develop Reasoning through Pictorial Representations
Wendy P. Ruchti and Cory A. Bennett
Solutions coupled with drawings can illustrate students’ understandings or misunderstandings, particularly in the area of proportional reasoning.

What’s the Big Deal about Vocabulary?- FREE PREVIEW!
Pamela J. Dunston and Andrew M. Tyminski
Techniques for teaching mathematics terminology allow adolescents to expand their abstract reasoning ability and move beyond operations into problem solving.

The Footprint Problem: A Pathway to Modeling
Kara L. Imm and Meredith D. Lorber
By exploring an open-ended investigation involving proportional reasoning, students were able to walk through both problem solving and modeling.