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August 2014, Volume 20, Issue 1


Gone Fishing: Science, Proportions, and Probability
Jill A. Cochran
An outdoor context can reel in two important mathematical ideas and catch students’ misconceptions in the process.

Interpreting Standards as Sense-Making Opportunities
Jeffrey M. Choppin, Cynthia H. Callard, and Jennifer S. Kruger
Student-generated algorithms, despite being inelegant and cumbersome, can nevertheless highlight a Common Core standard on rational number subtraction to show flexibility and understanding.

Supporting English Learners: Lessons from Research- FREE PREVIEW!
Johannah Nikula and Courtney L. Nelson
Careful attention to lesson design and implementation can make the opportunities to learn, which are described in the Common Core, viable for all students—including English language learners.

Tasks to Develop Language for Ratio Relationships
Margaret Rathouz, Nesrin Cengiz, Angela Krebs, and Rheta N. Rubenstein
Tasks that have been developed to build a foundation for ratio meanings and language not only provide valuable information about student thinking but also support proportional reasoning.

NCTM Honors Research Articles

NCTM’s Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Awards for 2013–2014 are highlighted.