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September 2000, Volume 6, Issue 1


Welcome to Volume 6!
Denisse Thompson
The Editorial Panel introduces the millennial volume of MTMS by identifying three new departments and by extending an invitation to readers to write, reflect, and provide feedback.

Choosing Problems with Entry Points for All Students
Frances Stern
A measurement problem that can be explored by students of varying ability, with discussion of aspects that make it accessible in a heterogeneous class. Other problems are suggested.

Making Connections: A Thematic Mathematics Project for Grade 7
David B. Smith
A year-long career-based project to practice basic skills in a meaningful context until such skills are transferred to long-term memory.

Some Big Ideas of Algebra in the Middle Grades
Thomas G. Edwards
Identifies big ideas for the informal study of algebra-related topics in the middle grades: notation, variable, function, and properties of number. Suggests meaningful ways to accomplish them.

2 Is Not the Same As 2.0!
Randell L. Drum and Wesley G. Petty, Jr.
A discussion of zeroes at the ends of decimal fractions representing measurements or real-world applications of numbers: precision, variance, and classroom applications.