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September 2001, Volume 7, Issue 1


Problems that Encourage Proportion Sense
Esther M. H. Billings
Several problems promoting proportion sense, reasoning about quantities, and the various relationships among quantities in proportions.

Creating Connections: Promoting Algebraic Thinking with Concrete Models
Michaele F. Chappell and Marilyn E. Strutchens
Using concrete models to teach conventional algebraic topics, with emphasis on connections to other mathematical concepts, such as notion of variable, number properties, and geometry.

Power over Trash: Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Children's Literature
Robert N. Ronau and Karen S. Karp
A sixth-grade class embarked on a study to determine the type of trash being thrown away on their school grounds. They collected data, analyzed it using graphs, and created an anti-litter campaign.

The Value of Mistakes
Patrick J. Eggleton and Carla C. Moldavan
The importance of building from mistakes in mathematics instruction to develop better reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Miniature Toys Introduce Ratio and Proportion with a Real-World Connection
Randell L. Drum and Wesley G. Petty Jr.
Miniature plastic toys are ideal models for introducing ratios and proportions. They concretely emphasize the real-world connection of the concepts to objects. Activity included.