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September 2002, Volume 8, Issue 1


Diet, Ratios, Proportions: A Healthy Mix
James A. Telese and Jesse Abete Jr.
Activities based on healthy eating focused on teaching proportional reasoning. Activity sheet and sample student work included.

Anchored Learning in Context
Margaret R. Meyer with Georgianna Diopoulos

Article describes how a teacher adapts a lesson for a classroom of learning disabled students. The adaptations and suggestions given can be applied to a variety of different lesson situations.

Supporting Reform through Performance Assessment
Richard Kitchen, April Cherrington, Joanne Gates, Judith Hitchings, Maria Majka, Michael Merk, and George Trubow

Article describes the impact on six teachers at Borel Middle School, in the San Mateo/Foster City School District in California, of a performance assessment project on their teaching. Data from the project clearly shows positive gains in student performance on the tasks over three years. Sample assessment items and rubrics included.

Using Active Learning Strategies to Motivate Students
Kimberly R. Boyer

Article describes a few activities and strategies that may be used to actively engage students in their learning.

Blueprint for Writing Middle School Mathematics
Juliet A. Baxter, John Woodward, Deborah Olson, and Janet Robyns

Article describes strategies for using writing to enrich students' understanding in middle school mathematics. Sample prompts are provided.