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September 2003, Volume 9, Issue 1


Lollipop Statistics
Dianne S. Goldsby
Article uses music to introduce statistics to middle school students. Activity directions and sample student work included.

Using School Lunches to Study Proportion
Tamar Lisa Attia
A project in which proportion, ratio, and percent are used to analyze the nutritional value of student lunches. Sample student work included.

Developing a Meaningful Understanding of the Mean
Elizabeth George Bremigan
Article describes seven properties of the mean used to choose problem situations and lead classroom discussions that help students develop a conceptual understanding of the arithmetic mean.

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Patchwork Quilts: Connections with Geometry, Technology and Culture
Leah P. McCoy and Jean M. Shaw
A seventh-grade unit involving patchwork quilts, geometry, technology, and culture.

Operation Central: An Original Play Teaching Mathematical Order of Operations
Sarah B. Blackwell
Article presents an original play in which a team of doctors cure a boy by using mathematical order of operations. A recap worksheet and script are included.