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September 2004, Volume 10, Issue 2


Building Percent Dolls: Connecting Linear Measurement to Learning Ratio and Proportion
Joan Moss; Beverly Caswell
A series of lessons in which grade 5/6 students use measurement activities to design and construct proportion dolls. This article highlights how measurement can connect learning about percents, decimals, and proportions. Activity ideas are provided for teachers to implement this activity in the mathematics classroom.

Moving Forward and Backward with Palindromes
Diane Schiller; Mary Charles
A number of the mathematics and computer integration teaching opportunities related to the exploration of palindromes. Through this activity, students will learn about mathematical palindromes and number patterns.

Proportional Reasoning: Lessons from Research in Data and Chance
Jane Watson; J. Shaughnessy
Two statistical tasks, one on comparing data sets, another on repeated sampling, both of which have powerful connections to proportional reasoning. Students' work and reasoning on these tasks are included, as well as suggestions for ways to use these tasks with middle school students to connect statistical thinking to proportional reasoning.