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September 2006, Volume 12, Issue 2


Fantasy Football and Mathematics Score Touchdowns with Students
Daniel Flockhart
How Fantasy Football curriculum can be used to motivate students. Not only does the unit empower students by allowing them to work collaboratively and manage their own team, it also emphasizes core mathematics concepts of fractions/decimals/percents, linear equations, ratios and proportions, collecting data, and making depictions. Includes sample handouts and examples of student work.

A Worthwhile Mathematical Task for Students and Their Teachers
Michelle Chamberlin, Judith Zawojewski
A professional development experience in which teachers learned valuable ideas about teaching while implementing a worthwhile mathematical task for their students and for themselves. The article poses a rich problem with multiple solutions. Includes the problem and examples of student work.

Relational Understanding and Instrumental Understanding
Richard Skemp
Contrasts relational and instrumental understanding and the consequences on the application of mathematics learning. Reprinted from Mathematics Teaching, Great Britain, 1976.

How Come? What If? So What? Reading in the Mathematics Classroom
Faith Wallace, Karen Clark, Mary Cherry
Outlines resources for reading in the math classroom including informational trade books, literature, and environmental print. Includes an activity sheet.

Hitting the Bull's-Eye: A Dart Game Simulation Using Graphing Calculator
Kathleen Mittag, Sharon Taylor
How a lesson on using darts to teach probability evolved into a lesson incorporating other mathematical ideas such as geometry, graphing circles, and the Pythagorean theorem. Includes activity sheets and solutions.

Using Engaging Contexts to Introduce Concepts
Regina Scanlon
Three engaging introductions for topics on ratios, the distributive property, and the Cartesian graph. Each lesson and activity is explained in detail, and a sample game board is shown.