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September 2007, Volume 13, Issue 2


How Does Your Mathematical Garden Grow?
Shari Beck; Vanessa Huse; Brenda Reed
An activity that incorporates 9 of the 10 NCTM Standards. Article discusses a stacking garden problem that allows students to focus on finding the perimeter and area of the garden using pattern blocks, technology, and middle school mathematical concepts. Includes a spreadsheet to record and graph data.

Implementation of the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points: Concept versus Content
Jane Schielack; Cathy Seeley
How to put the new NCTM publication, Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics: A Quest for Coherence into practice.

C2 = Creative Coordinates
Shelley McHugh
A group of tasks that integrates coordinate geometry and art. Article discusses the advantages of students creating assessment rubrics and peer evaluation of student work. Includes a graphing calculator activity to extend the lesson.

Understanding Students' Problem-Solving Knowledge through Their Writing
Diana Steele
The effects of students writing about mathematics and students learning mathematics. Article discusses student work in the context of written solutions to problems in a seventh-grade classroom. Includes two problems.

Lattice Multiplication in a Preservice Classroom
Patricia Nugent
The algorithm for multiplication that is referred to as lattice multiplication. Article discusses the development of preservice students' conceptual understanding of the algorithm. The conceptualization of the algorithm is extended from the multiplication of whole numbers to the multiplication of polynomials.