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September 2010, Volume 16, Issue 2


Think outside the Polygon
Andrea B. Graf
After constructing irregular polygons, students use geometry software to explore rotations and reflections and build spatial-visualization skills.

Problems with nth-Term Problems: Reflect and Discuss
Shirley M. Matteson
Examine sixth-grade students’ work to gain insight in to the early stages of their algebraic understanding.

Student Confidence and Student Involvement
Amy L. Nebesniak and Ruth M. Heaton
After getting over the hurdle of implementing cooperative learning, one teacher’s action research revealed that her students were more engaged and more willing to tackel difficult problems.

The Important Thing about Teaching Problem Solving
Sally K. Roberts
Teacher candidates reflect on teaching and learning problem solving using the format of The Important Book.

One Lesson, Many Facets
Conrado L. Gómez
Manipulatives and technology can model the scaffolding of language acquisition while teaching algebra and geometry.