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September 2013, Volume 19, Issue 2


Can We Cross the Street in Time?
Carole E. Greenes, Mary C. Cavanagh, Jenny K. Tsankova, and Florence A. Glanfield
Students stroll through distance, rate, and time experiments on the road to strengthening their understanding of proportionality.

Overcoming the “Run” Response- FREE PREVIEW!
Patricia E. Swanson
Strategies that foster self-awareness, help regulate emotions, and encourage problem-solving perseverance can turn mathematical fight or flight into re-engagement.

Teaching with the Mathematical Practices in Mind
Esther M. H. Billings, David C. Coffey, John Golden, and Pamela J. Wells
A professional development workshop supports teachers’ understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice and helps them transfer this knowledge to the middle school classroom.

A Bargain Price for Teaching about Percentage
Jane-Jane Lo and Yi-Yin Ko
Develop mathematical knowledge by analyzing common student errors and discussing arithmetic, algebraic, and pictorial reasoning.