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January 2000, Volume 6, Issue 5


Mathematics Workshop - Mathematics Class Becomes Learner Centered
Daniel Heuser
Presents the idea of a mathematics workshop and teaching technique that employs student choice, use of manipulatives, and reflection. Shares the research base underlying mathematics workshops and describes how to conduct one.

A Teacher's Tryangles
Connie Yarema, Rhonda Adams and Rachel Cagle
Describes a teacher's mathematics exploration in a professional development setting to exemplify the ideas of the Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics.

The Wonderful World of Digital Sums
Martin Bonsangue, Gerald Gannon, and Karen Watson
A lesson using digital sums that allows teachers to assess students' understanding of reasoning, arithmetic, and geometry.

Why Are Some Solids Perfect? Conjectures and Experiments by Third Graders
Richard Lehrer and Carmen Curtis
Describes how children searched for Platonic solids and constructed a precise definition to classify these solids.

Math Curse or Math Anxiety?
Vanessa Stuart
Explores the phenomenon of math anxiety in a group of elementary school students. Discusses strategies to reduce math anxiety.

How Many Spots Does a Cheetah Have?
Kristine Reed
First graders' mathematical investigation of the number of spots on a cheetah. Young children invented counting and estimation strategies, and a spirit of mathematical inquiry grew in the classroom.