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January 2003, Volume 9, Issue 5


The Chinese Numeration System and Place Value
Frederick Uy
How to use the Chinese numeration system in enhancing students' understanding of place value. Sample activities included.

Teaching Mathematics through Cultural Quilting
Lynda Paznokas
Ways teachers can use the appealing study of quilts as a tool for teaching mathematics concepts and connecting multicultural history, literacy, and art.

Snack Math: Young Children Explore Division
Sally Roberts
An exploration of young children's intuitive strategies for partitioning sets of objects.

Learning-Disabled Students Make Sense of Mathematics
Jean Behrend
Five primary-grade students, identified as learning-disabled, benefited from instruction that focused on making sense of mathematics word problems. Examples of the students' work demonstrate the students' ability to solve a variety of problem types and justify their solutions.

Who Should Lead Mathematics Instruction at the Elementary School Level? A Case for Mathematics Specialists
Barbara Reys, Francis (Skip) Fennell
An argument for identifying and supporting mathematics specialists in elementary schools.