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January 2004, Volume 10, Issue 5


Inchworm and a Half: Developing Fraction and Measurement Concepts Using Mathematical Representations
Patricia Moyer, Elizabeth Mailley
The use of the book “Inchworm and a Half” to stimulate children's investigations in measurement and number. During a two-day lesson children used physical models and visual representations to develop measurement skills and explore equivalent relationships. Includes a worksheet idea, student solutions, and reflection on their work.

Is a Rectangle a Square? Developing Mathematical Vocabulary and Conceptual Understanding
Christine Renne
Desiring to better encourage students' thinking and conceptual development, a fourth-grade teacher examines classroom discourse and written work during her students' analysis and description of basic geometric shapes.

Collaboration Sites: Teacher-Centered Professional Development in Mathematics
Lucy West, Frances Curcio
A professional development approach involving inter- and intra-school collaboration-site visits that build teachers' mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical strategies. Teachers collaboratively plan lessons, observe lessons, reflect on the implementation of the lessons, and refine their practice in a collegial, professionally supportive environment.

I Did It My Way: Providing Opportunities for Students to Create, Explain, and Analyze Computation Procedures
Susan Scharton
This article challenges the traditional model for teaching computation in the primary grades. It describes a model in which students are encouraged to invent and use alternative computation procedures. Includes examples of student work.