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January 2005, Volume 11, Issue 5


Overcoming the Walls Surrounding Word Problems
Gregorio Ponce and Leslie Garrison
The integration of two powerful instructional theories (Daily Oral Language and Cognitively Guided Instruction) into one classroom activity that is helping break the barriers teachers and students face when working with word problems. Teachers will gain informative techniques to integrate these strategies to include reading, writing, and mathematics in the classroom.

What's Your (Mathematics) Story?
Kevin LoPresto and Corey Drake
Using mathematics life stories as tools to aid in the instruction of mathematics methods classes. Instructors will learn how to use the students' past and present experiences in mathematics to help plan instruction and get to know their students.

Connecting the Dots: Network Problems That Foster Mathematical Reasoning
Jean McGivney-Burelle
How a group of third-grade students engaged in mathematical reasoning while solving mathematics problems involving networks. Examples of the project and classroom ideas for teachers are included in this article.