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January 2007, Volume 13, Issue 5


Teaching Mathematics Then and Now : Algebra in the Elementary Schools
James Shipley
This reprint from the June 1912 issue of Mathematics Teacher gives readers a sense of the timelessness of some of the issues relating to teaching for computational fluency.

Teaching Mathematics Then and Now: Still Hazy after All These Years? A Reaction Paper to Algebra in the Elementary Schools
Jennifer Bay-Williams
In commemoration of the 100th volume of the Mathematics Teacher, the Editorial Panel of Teaching Children Mathematics invited the author to read and reflect on an article published in MT in 1912. Her article compares the current approach to number and algebra content to that presented by Shipley. In addition, the article discusses the change (or lack thereof) of broader issues in mathematics education over the past hundred years.

The Answer Is 20 Cookies. What Is the Question?
Angela Barlow, Janie Cates
A task that engages students in the process of creating word problems.  Difficulties in having students write problems are described, along with strategies for overcoming these difficulties.  Student work and teacher reactions are included.