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October 2002, Volume 9, Issue 2


Meaningful Mathematical Representations and Early Algebraic Reasoning
Cheryl Lubinski, Albert Otto
Using a counting book to discuss how primary-age students can begin to think about a meaning for the equals sign. Mathematical representations emerge from discussions between teacher and student.

Helping Students Become Mathematically Powerful
Robin Ittigson
This article discusses and provides a model for teachers to engage children in understanding problems and communicating their solutions in order to lead them toward becoming mathematically powerful learners.

Becoming a Problem Solver
Larry Buschman
Description of the characteristics of young children as they develop problem-solving skills and strategies.

Understanding and Supporting Children's Mathematical Vocabulary Development
Rheta Rubenstein, Denisse Thompson
The challenges children face in learning mathematics vocabulary and teaching strategies to circumvent those challenges.

Creating Cultural Relevance in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Jacqueline Leonard, Smita Guha
The rationale behind culturally relevant teaching and description of an educational experience that is aligned with this approach to mathematics teaching.